środa, 29 marca 2017

Style inspiration: Vanessa Bell

Despite my profound love and respect to Virginia Woolf, in the previous years I have been more and more fascinated by her sister Vanessa Bell. Charleston has been my dream house for now and forever and Vanessa's unconventional life choices and artistic spirit brought to every field of life makes me deeply fascinated. Fascinated and insatiable for her story.

I am during my second attempt to read Virginia's "Letters" and I decided to accompany my lecture with BBC series about Bloomsbury Group (Life in Squares) which plot concentrates mostly on Vanessa's life. I think that Phoebe Fox plays Vanessa marvelously and makes me even more charmed by the persona.

That's true that Vanessa from the movies and tv shows looks much more "glamorously artistic" and "bohemian" that real Vanessa did in the photographs we know. That's the magic of the interpretation and adapting the style to our present tastes so we can soak deeper into the storyline and atmosphere of a production. We can discuss if it's a positive or negative aspect, but for sure it is the sign of our times. Would we watch "Tudors" or "Downton abbey" if actors were more similar to real people? If costumes and interiors weren't so breathtaking? I doubt. So maybe instead of feeling guilty of admiring contemporary beautified styling, we can dream for a moment that it is possible to bring Bloomsbury's spirit into our lives now?

Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell 

Vanessa Bell

Phoebe Fox as Vanessa

Phoebe Fox as Vanessa




designs inspired by Vanessa's paintings

fabrics designed by Vanessa

Great article that may help adapt Bloomsbury's style to our wardrobe:

wtorek, 14 marca 2017

Artists: Arnold Genthe

Born in 1869 in Berlin, Arnold Genthe was a great photographer. His works, especially portraits, are mysterious, emotional and almost "alive". He was an early adopter of the autochrome color photography process, which resulted in oniric images of unique beauty. 

Genthe was a huge cats lover and his favourite ginger cat Buzzer often appeared in the photos. 

poniedziałek, 19 grudnia 2016

Muses: Gabrielle Ray

Another story about beautiful and talented woman ruined by a man, by unhappy marriage.

Gabrielle Ray, born in 1883 as Gabrielle Elizabeth Clifford Cook was an Edwardian musical comedies actress, described in “Temps” as the most beautiful woman in the United Kingdom. Her stage career began at the age of 10. 

 A vision of loveliness with bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair who enchanted her audience from the moment she appeared on stage. 

In 1912 Gabrielle Ray announced she was retiring from the stage to marry Eric Loder. However, the marriage was unsuccessful and divorce followed. Attempting to return to the stage proved a less easy task in 1915 and while she continued to attempt to revive her career, in the early 1920s she finally lost interest. There then followed years of leading a more hedonistic lifestyle which eventually led to alcoholism and depression. In the late 1930s Gabrielle Ray was admitted to a mental home in Surrey, where she was to spend the rest of her life until 1973 when she died aged 90.

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Artists: William John Hennessy

A Spring Morning on the Thames Posters & Art Prints by William John Hennessy - Magnolia Box:

Welcome spring with delicate, sensual and elegant works of William John Hennessy (1839-1917, Ireland)

"A Spring Fantasy"

"Woman in Autumn Landscape"
The Dandelion Clock by William John Hennessy:
"Dandelion Clock"

"The Pride of Dijon"
"An Old Song"

"The Japanese Parasol"
william john hennessy paintings | William J. Hennessy (1839-1917), Cliffwalk, Newport, RI, 12 by 9 ...:

Greyblue vernal ice abounds
Arctic winds from gusting gales
Grim-throated grebes cry from cold
Chorus climbs as harsh herons
Hear wolfpack howls in wasteplace
Waking with the mist of morn
Birds awaken on the isles
True flight before the wildbeast
From wood, from grass green, blue, grey

Glass úar errach